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We specialize in the production of tailor-made fiberglass technical fabrics and chopped strand mats to the highest quality standards, according to ISO9001.
Our weaving looms and mat line are state-of-the-art, with the latest technology. Our strategic location enables us to cater the demands of the European, India and GCC markets.

Our vision is to be among leading companies contributing to the technology based economy of UAE while preserving the environment through advanced technology Glass Fiber products.

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Our Woven Rovings are manufactured by weaving E-glass direct rovings, coated with a special sizing, into a fabric or tape / band.

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Chopped Strand Mats are manufactured by uniform distribution of chopped E-glass fiber strands of 50mm length, laid in a random orientation, held together by a polyester emulsion or powder binder

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We are Experienced in FiberGlass Reinforcements

Gulf Fiberglass Factory FZE is a dynamic company with a rich heritage in fibreglass development and production, thanks to an excellent know how and innovation capacity and many years of experience.
With a sound foundation of unique assets, we are committed to design reliable and durable glass fibre solutions to support our customers

decades of Experience

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